God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar celebrating the century of centuries

Sachin Celebrates Centuries

Sachin Tendulkar, The God of Cricket, once more celebrated the century of scoring centuries. Chhattisgarh has become witness to this. In 2012, On this day against Bangladesh, Sachin scored the 100th century. Its grateful memories are preserved even today. It changed into celebrated all through the cricket match being performed at Raipur Stadium.

Sachin Tendulkar cut stadiums shaped cake. The first cake was cut in the dressing room, and another cake cut in the Hotel. The room’s atmosphere suddenly changed after cutting the cake, and there has been an environment of a laugh in the dressing room. Sachin changed into surrounded through Yuvraj, Yusuf Pathan, Irfan Pathan, Mohammad Kaif. Yuvraj took out the cream from the cake, fed it to Sachin, and carried out a bit.

Sachin stopped giggling Yuvraj and gestured to proportion Jashan with different teammates. After this, Yuvraj painted the face of any other absolutely with a cake and enjoyed it. Indian legends team gamers are in Raipur to play for the Road Safety Cricket Series matches.

All Cricket legends are there with India Legends captain Sachin Tendulkar Yuvraj Singh, Virender Sehwag, and Irfan Yusuf Pathan. Please inform that on sixteen March 2012, Sachin had scored the centesimal century of his cricketing career. The international continues to be remembering this hundred of Sachin, who was given the respect of the cricket god. Once again, Memories had been refreshed via way of means of celebrating it in Raipur.

The records of the hundred celebrating in Chhattisgarh are likewise interesting. Sachin scored a century towards Bangladesh in the Asia Cup on March sixteen, 2012. Sachin changed into 38 while Sachin scored his a centesimal century. He needed to wait for approximately a yr for his centesimal century after his 99th century. Sachin scored his 99th century towards South Africa in the 2011 World Cup.

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